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Created by: Bill Daugherty II

I created a new voting web part that will allow users to vote once, and it will add a cookie to the users computer that will expire in 14 days, or until a new question comes around.

This idea was inspired by, but because I couldn't get theirs to work exaclty how I wanted it, i decieded to build my own from scratch.

It allows the user to use more than one list to store your question allowing for multiple concurrent polls at once.

Here are some screenshots:

Before Vote (supports up to 70 options)

After Vote (Only shows the answered questions)

And here is the configuration… You just enter the name of the list. The list will be stored at the root site.

And here is the list that you would see. The web part also creates the list for you with the simple click of a button.

To find out more, please visit:

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